Saturday, September 22, 2012


We're still here. Everything is still calm and quiet, even the weather. Emy is still eager to go outside and sit in the sun or lounge on the deck. She's still eating a normal amount and, big as she's getting, still quite comfortable. And I still haven't set up the puppy pen. I hope I get moving before she does!

Business cards
Several people have asked me to send them my business cards to pass out when they are out walking their pups. Anyone wanting cards needs only to ask! I'm happy to send them.

Big news
But I'm not yet willing to share the specifics. However, in general, it involves a move and means I have a number of rescues that HAVE TO be placed, the sooner the better. If you know of an adult home needing a small mixed breed dog, PLEASE put them in touch with me or vice versa. And Lucky is still looking for a place.

Interesting pictures

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