Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm Back!

I wasn't really gone anywhere. I just had nothing to post about and was really busy with other things. I quick update...
Emy is doing well. She is getting really big,  but is feeling fine. Em's reservation list is full but it looks like she's going to have a good number of available pups when the litter arrives. I'm going to get the puppy pen in my room ready in the next day or two and will move her into it as soon as it's done. That means Diamond is going to move back out to the dog room and she's already avoiding it like the plague.

It looks like everything is under control with all the pups in their new homes... I really HATE typing that because it is basically DEMANDING that something go wrong.

Some time this Fall, Boon is going to be bred to a Wheaten Terrier girl and I'll be helping her people place the pups. They will have their tails left long and will be CKC registered. The waiting list for THIS litter is different than my normal waiting list. If you're interested, soon is better than later for letting me know.

And a few pix

Sassy Peake

Tucker Sybrandt

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