Friday, December 31, 2010


The pick up/ship scheduling is going well. Thank you VERY much. Now if only the weather will cooperate...! And I can't emphasize enough that we have to be flexible. Maybe EXTREMELY flexible. Just look at what is going on with traveling right now because of the storms a week ago. I know it's going to be hard because of the anticipation AND the fact that many of you are taking time off work which has to be scheduled in advance. Cross your fingers, toes and eyes and get everyone you know to do the same!

I'll be sending out an email, probably tomorrow, with some suggestions on supplies to get before the pups arrive.

And a couple other emails over the next two weeks with info on helping the pups to settle in and what to expect. Also one on puppy "diseases" and treatments. You might want to print these off for quick reference later, especially if you have little or old puppy experience.

Water Dogs
Di's and Emy's pups have discovered playing in the water bowl. But so far, aren't making a habit of it. I keep the house cool... low 60s... so being wet isn't all that much fun. Yet. Cotton's pups haven't done it except by accidentally stepping in the bowl when rough housing. Playing in the water bowl is one of my top complaints about Whoodle pups so these guys are all getting "A"s.

The girls must have believed me when I threatened to take them to the kennel if they didn't let their pups grow up. Emy has distanced herself the most from her pups and Cotton the least, but ALL of them seem much more content not being with them. They still run in to stand by the puppy pens when I let them out of their room or they come in from outside. But they're back to listening to me when I call them away.

Puppy web address
You can no longer get to the puppy pages from the main website. Available pups are pictured on the Whoodle Page, but to see the last pix I took of the pups with homes you have to go to their site directly. The address is

And I know you're all going to want new pix at least once more before you get your pups. All I can say is I'll TRY. These guys are already working me to death... I knew there was a reason I stopped having multiple litters at the same time... and I do need to spend as much time as possible just holding the pups individually so they know about the joys of human contact!

Farewell 2010!

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