Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Give Up!

Although I separated moms and pups over a week ago... I think... I am still being jarred awake every morning at 5-6 by mamas "talking" with their children. They're in adjoining rooms... but can't see each other... and I don't know who is starting it, but it's driving me nuts! And as soon as one group... pups or moms... is released from "jail," all the members go flying into the next room to see the relatives. Yesterday I had to CHASE Di, Em and Cotton around and threaten to do them bodily harm to get them back into the tv room. If they are not over this by Monday, I'm taking the girls to board at the vet's for a week. And keeping my fingers crossed!

And one other thing
Boon, the new Wheaten puppy, has his nose out of joint because of Crockett's arrival. He is so ticked off with me, he has VOLUNTARILY moved in with the pups and pretty much ignores me as much as THEY do whenever they are out. I have never had such an independant pup before and I'm not sure it's a good thing!

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