Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Few Things

Christmas photos
This pup just wanted to get down to it and get it over with...

Will put a pix on the website of each of the pups who have homes. The others will have to wait till after Christmas for a photo session.

Got new weights on Di's and Emy's litters at 8 weeks. And I am REALLY confused!
Di's pups are all 4 to 5.25 pounds
EXCEPT the "red" boy who is 7.5!
Emy's BOYS are from 5 pounds to two that are 8 and the girls are one at 5 and one at 7.
These dogs never make anything simple!

Speaking of which
All 3 litters are still nursing. Their moms are still with them... voluntarily... all the time. The little buggers even cry when their moms are in the house and NOT in the pens with them.
Sooo... it's going to be really nosiy around here for the next couple days as I am moving moms OUT. They are going back into the tv room and babies are just going to HAVE TO adjust. I mean, they're 8 weeks old! And if they don't get with the program, not one of them is going to be ready to go next month.

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