Saturday, December 4, 2010

It's Snowing... Again!

I already had 1-1/2 inches of snow... the first weekend in November, which is very VERY early for us. And it's coming down again. Wasn't supposed to start until late this afternoon and even then it was supposed to be rain, turning to snow as the sun went down. However, there was a light dusting overnight which the dogs totally ignored when they started their morning trips outside. But now, 2 hours later, it's coming down to beat the band! The last group just came back inside, covered with the stuff and now they're soaking wet and steaming! Original predictions were a trace to 2" by Sunday night. That's been upped, thank you very much, to 2 to 4 inches by Sunday night. And with temps at or below freezing for the HIGH for the next couple days, it will probably stick around a bit. Early Winter = early Spring?

Pups and water
The kids have learned to drink water! They've been licking AT the water for the last 2 weeks... sticking their noses in, jumping back and then licking their lips, paws, etc. But in the last day or two, all of them have taken to slurping it down... and I do mean slurping. I've had horses who were quieter about getting a drink!

And lets not even talk about food. I feed my mamas... and the pups... a "better quality" food than what the dogs normally get. It is much (MUCH) higher in protein and fat and is a very small kibble size (so even the babies can eat it, even before they have teeth.) The first four weeks after birth, I used one 40 pound bag. In the almost 2 weeks since, I've used 2 bags and am about a third of the way through the bag I got Wednesday afternoon. AND this gang... all 3 sets... are NOT scattering it all over their pen but eating every little piece.

Puppy behavior
So now they're "fighting" with each other. That is, they're biting down hard enough to make each other cry. And when they're not crying, they sound like little buzz saws. It's kinda cute... especially as they've already learned the "lights out means shut up" rule. One thing I seldom see is moms interfering when the kids are tussling, however all 3 have gotten up and separated pups who were getting a little carried away in the bully department. Guess they're taking the news stories to heart!

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