Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ice, Sheet, Freezing Rain

A friend sent me this photo to suggest a possible solution if any more of my trees come down. First off, MY trees are nowhere near that size and second, I'm not worried about them falling on the road, just on the house!

The ice started as predicted, early last night, BUT even though our temperature was hovering around 27, we only got a light coating. When I let the dogs out at midnight (yeah, don't want to hear about it!) the stuff coming down was icy snow. This morning, it was sort of raining and by the time I finally drug myself out of bed, the temp was up to 32... for the first time in a LONG time... and it was REAL rain. Of course, the dogs ran outside and got soaked before they came in even though they were only out there a few minutes. Nothing like cold and wet coats against bare legs! Hours later, we're still at 32... PREDICTED high for today is 42. Right! Still have both power and phone, knock on wood, while all around me the ice was worse and lines are down.

Emy and Sparky's Remy

Several people are trying to figure out what kind of coats the individual pups will have and they're basing their mental arguments on what seems most logical. However, Remy (and most of the pups from that litter) have totally different coats than the pups from Em and Sparky's first litter (of which my curly Cotton is an example.)

I know. You're all waiting for pictures of the new stud "dog." And as soon as I get over my new camera phobia... caused by trying to get decent pix of 22 individual pups... I'll post some!

He's fitting in nicely although he is about 3 weeks older than OUR pups and, therefore, a little too big to play with them (if he were a little older, he'd behave better with them) and is being spoiled rotten by my adults (who really should put him in his place a little more firmly.) So far, so good. And I'm going to try getting a shot of him with one of the "reds" to show how similar they are in coloration to purebred Wheatens.

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