Friday, December 10, 2010

Promises, Promises

I absolutely promise to get some pictures of the individual pups in Emy's and Cotton's litters and at least send them out via email THIS weekend. Don't know if I'll get them up on the website as my browser (Firefox) has suddenly taken a dislike to my site host and refuses to communicate with it/them/whatever. The folks who own/run my host have worked on the problem for days and their final solution... use another browser. The only one I have is an old (like REALLY OLD) IE. So, soon as I get the guts, I'm going to unload Firefox and load the newest version... and hope nothing is lost in the process except whatever bugged the old one about the host!

Two of Emy's older pups...
actually it's three since Zoe (the parti) is from Em and Shadow and Murphy (the black/tan) and Beckett (the snowman) are from Em and Sparky.

Zoe and Murphy


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