Monday, December 13, 2010

The Truth Shall Set Me Free

HA! I got Cotton's pictures all done, just like I said I would. And in much less time than I spent with the other two litters. Every one of C's pups just sort of sat there, or laid where I wanted them to, and most had very little trouble looking at the camera. (Some pups and dogs HATE it when I put something in front of my face, even sunglasses.) With Cotton's litter, the average number of shots I took per pup was two... to get TWO USABLE pictures each.
With Di and Em's litters, the average was 4-5. Talk about laid back. Or, maybe, they're just Fabio wannabees!

This is one guy who got more than 2 shots... he was the last one I did, so maybe he was feeling slighted!

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