Thursday, December 3, 2009

Just ONE Pup Unspoken for

And then there was one. These little guys (and gal) get sweeter and more beautiful... as in fluffy!... every day. They've also figured out that there is a world outside their pen. They've always known about the other dogs but it has just now dawned on them that there is a barrier between them and them. And they're starting to sound off about it! Again, they are ahead of schedule. USUALLY pups aren't particularly interested in what's beyond their boundary until I start letting them out to roam around. There's at least another week before I let these guys out but they're already eyeing things to get into!

Now, the problem with having just one puppy available... and this is always the case... I've been corresponding with 5-6 different people about the litter. And when we've talked/emailed, there have been several pups unpromised. It's a really big deal, this buying a puppy, and folks need to make sure EVERYONE in the family is in agreement (or controllable!) BEFORE making the commitment. I don't like to rush that. BUT if people let the decision making drag on for more than a few days, the pups are all spoken for. Then I get the weeping and wailing... "but YOU said there were puppies! I promised the KIDS!" I'm not Bettye Crocker... I can't just whip up another batch because I've run short. And I don't like hounding folks because even though EVERYONE sounds sincerely interested, a good two-thirds are not. It's sort of a rock/hard place situation.

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