Thursday, December 17, 2009

Weights at 8 Weeks

There is a formula for predicting approximate adult weight which works fairly well with large breed dogs... not so well with smaller ones. It is 10% for every 4 weeks. That is, if a puppy is 5 pounds at 4 weeks, it's mature weight will be right around 50 pounds. If it weighs 20 pounds at 8 weeks, full grown it should be 100. Got it? Okay, so here are the weights, by the number... YOU do the math. (We WILL have a test!)
#1 (female) 6.33 pounds
#2 (male) 7.32 pounds
#3 (male) 7.80 "
#4 (male) 5.86 "
#5 (male) 6.60 "
#6 (male) 6.55 "
#7 (male) 5.82 "

As you can see, the two big boys are still the two big boys, but two of the "small guys" have surged ahead of their sister and the black and tan fella is back among the smaller pups. As I've said all along, I can't predict how this is going to go!

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