Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Day After

These are just out my back door... I'm standing on the kitchen thresh hold and just shooting the pictures... no closeup. Trees are within 4-5 feet of the house, in some cases. Great BIG trees (which I'd have to go outside to get shots of because of their size. And I'm not going out in the snow!) This is why this Spring, I'm going to do some pruning and removal.

This one is off the side of the house and again, I'm shooting from the doorway, no closeup. More bad news just waiting for a heavy wind to wander by. The driveway is between the house and these trees, so there's probably 12-15 feet separation. Most of these are thinner, younger growth, but they're tall enough to fall on the house and cause a lot of damage.

This morning I measured a tad over 6 inches with the ruler on the porch railing. And it's rather wet. The main snowfall is over, apparently, and now we're going to have at least 2 days of snow showers and wintry mix (slush!) Power and phone are still on... HERE... but out all over the place. Locations just a few miles from me got twice the fall I did, while some other spots in out "local area" report over 20 inches. Let's not even talk about Asheville, Boone, etc! Got a phone call early this AM from the City of Kingsport saying most of the area was experiencing or going to have WATER outages and the power was out to a lot of people. (I'm on Kingsport water but Johnson City power.) I filled up every bottle, jug and glass I could with water just in case because these dogs use a LOT and there's no way I can get to the store to buy it if it goes off! There has been no traffic on my road... that I have heard... and like I said, I'm not going out in the snow to look for tracks! On this hill, we can almost always get down. It's getting back UP that's a problem. The 3 families above me all have 4 wheel drive but there HAVE been times when the mouth of my drive has been a parking lot. And I sure wouldn't want to hike up that hill... even in good weather!

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