Friday, December 18, 2009

Not about Dogs (Much)

It's snowing!

It started at EXACTLY 2:30 this afternoon. I know because I was talking with my granddaughter on the phone... she graduated from Naval basic training this morning and is on her way home for two weeks... when I first called it was pouring down rain. Then a little later she asked if the rain had stopped because she couldn't hear it any more. I could see some huge snowflakes coming down... but didn't go to check. I looked at the clock and realised we'd been yakking for a half hour so we started saying good bye... which took another half hour. It was really coming down and sticking! I took the above pictures... hoping you could see the snow, which is unusual for around here, mountains or not! but especially this time of the year. Then I started doing something with the puppies, but since we're not talking dogs in this post, it doesn't matter what.

These two pictures were taken about 2 hours later, 15 minutes a part. You STILL can't see the snow, but there is about 3 inches already! Sent the dogs out for a potty break and some of them... Shadow, Lotus (my Shar-Pei) and a rescue... had a great time chasing around. Everyone else did their business and wanted back in. Especially Cotton and Emy BUT they have the shortest hair right now since they were just at the groomer. The snow was piling up fast on their backs... Keogh looked like she was parti-colored!

The bad thing about the snow is I had to put off getting Ost, the new Labradoodle puppy. Yesterday, it looked like the storm wasn't going to get here until later tonight. During the 6 PM news, our local weather men, who REALLY know their stuff, said it was going to start with sleet and rain earlier than expected and by 11 o'clock last night they were saying it was going to come down fast and furious in the early afternoon (AFTER the sleet and rain.) So I called and asked Ost's breeder to hang on to him until after Christmas... we're supposed to have this weather for 4 days! and the temps are supposed fluctuate above and below freezing giving us the layered effect of ice and snow. Kind of disappointing. Can't wait to see him! But I'd prefer he was safe in AR rather than stuck at the Atlanta airport! Supposed to have around 9 inches of snow by morning. We'll see! I have plenty of dog food and made a midnight (yep, me, out at midnight!) run to Walmart. I wasn't the only one who'd listened to the 11 PM news... the place was busy and folks were getting groceries, not Christmas presents. Around here, we pay attention to our local weather reports because they are right on the money 99% of the time... okay, 95.

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