Friday, December 4, 2009

Something New

If you've been on the website today, you probably noticed that I am making a change. Of course, if you have the Whoodle PAGE as a favorite link and never go to my home page, you didn't see it. And I'm tempted to be mean... it's been one of those days!... and not explain here. BUT in the interest of keeping things as simple as possible, I'll just tell you.

I've decided to do Double Doodles.
Now, I can hear you saying, what the heck is THAT? DOUBLE Doodles are the result of crossing a Labradoodle and a Goldendoodle. They are also called Ultimate Doodles and a friend's children have labelled theirs "SUPER" Doodles. (If an Australian Labradoodle is used in the mix, the cross is called the North American Retriever, which seems rather ironic. For the uninformed, there is a HUGE difference between the AMERICAN Labradoodle, which is the cross of a Lab and a Poodle, and the AUSTRALIAN Labradoodle which is the cross of 5-6 different breeds. This is well documented, so don't kill the messenger!)

Anyway, I have found and purchased a darling little F1B AMERICAN Labradoodle boy and Ost (rhymes with "host," "most," and "boast!") will be arriving here on the 18th when he is 8 weeks old... actually, he's 2 days younger than Di and Brogue's puppies, so he'll have playmates his own age for about a month while he settles in. I expect he'll be in the mood for making babies before the end of the year... will do some preliminary testing (VWD and hips) and then let him talk to Keogh. I'm also looking for another Goldendoodle female, puppy or young adult, mini to medium size, in any color but black or parti since Keogh isn't a youngster herself.

So, right now, that's what's got everything HERE in an uproar!

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