Sunday, December 27, 2009

Odds and Ends

So the big day came and went without our area getting hit by the tremendously high winds we might have had. Even so, I have MORE trees down and a number of my very tall, thin pines lost their tops. It's the first time I've seen that... I guess they get to swaying in the wind and just snap off.

Bought the pups a water BOTTLE for Christmas... actually, I bought it for ME. But it just doesn't attach to the pen wall like it should and the pups would have it down... and open... in no time. So it's going back and they'll continue to play in the water bowl. This morning, one of them...6, I think... managed to get his whole body wet in one of the adult bowls when the pups were out playing. I mean he had all 4 feet standing in the bowl (which holds over a gallon and had just been filled up.) He was looking very pleased with himself. I think I managed to get him out of there BEFORE anyone else noticed. At least, none of them got inside the bowl THIS morning... they may have filed the idea away for another day! And yesterday 2 learned "Climbing and Jumping 101." Most of my food bowls are the elevated kind, ranging from 8 to 12 inches off the ground. As soon as the pups were allowed out to explore the bedroom, they all started eating the adult food in the bowls. (And, of course, the adults all make a beeline for the PUPPY food!) The pups stand on their back legs and s t r e t c h to reach inside the elevated bowls. Well, yesterday, the bowls were empty. When 2 couldn't find any kibble, he climbed on top of his brothers and onto the bowl stand. He was obviously taken with being ABOVE everyone else... he stayed up there even after the rest had gone to get into other things. Then he half jumped/half fell off. A few minutes later I watched him figure out how to get back on top without the aid of his litter mates. And he jumped off. The next time, he LEAPED OUT and off. He practiced until he had all that down pat and then went in search of something new to conquer. THIS morning, he got on top of the full bowls, made a flying leap to the ground and didn't get up there again.

Cotton and Brogue's 2009 litter
Got some beautiful pictures of one of the pups, enjoying the New Mexican snow. Bode is a little over 35 pounds at 7 months.

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