Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Pictures

Ah, the excitement! Their first holiday! Obviously they were totally unfazed! Got all 7 done in record time... perhaps it's because I did them individually. Pictures of all 7 are on the website and for the first time I am able to tell which pup is which so if you see one that really interests you, let me know!

One cute little thing... the black and tan male puppy has developed the habit of sleeping ON TOP of his mama. There is a rug in their nest which seems to keep the rest of them warm enough at night, but the b-a-t boy isn't satisfied with that. He stretches out full length along her back or side, whichever way she's sleeping, and stays there until she dumps him off.

Di is now spending a couple hours at a time away from them. They're always happy to see her when she returns but are not UNhappy when she's gone.

They'll be 6 weeks old Tuesday and will be getting their first shots. Half way to rehoming time!

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