Sunday, November 8, 2009

Introducing... TATER

This is Mr. Potato Head or, as he'll be known around here, Tater. (I wanted a name that was Irish but not overused!) He's just a baby but when he grows up, he'll take Brogue's place. He was the only male in his litter... just like Marna's new pup was the only female in Di/Brogue's litter. It happens!

Speaking of what's NOT happening
Emy is out of season. The guys have gone back to ignoring her. So, unless Shadow managed to have his way with her one of the days they were out in the backyard and I wasn't with them, there will be no pups from her in December. I was really looking forward to their litter... especially now that I've found my Wheaten puppy. I was planning to keep a Em/Shad girl and they could grow up together. (I was planning to keep a Di/Brogue girl too and we all know what happened there!)

Going to change the website in just a bit so people are aware that we're now waiting for Cotton to come back into season.

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