Monday, November 16, 2009


Yesterday, right on schedule, the pups found their mom's food. It amazes me that one day they have absolutely zero interest in anything that isn't pre-heated to body temperature and the next, they're chowing down on stuff that is not only cold, but has to be chewed! But all of them are eating it. Of course, they're still on mom as well. I enlarged their pen from 4' by 4 to 7 by 4' and the extra space threw a couple of them... their eyesight isn't too good as yet (or their brains are developed enough to process what they're seeing) and even though they could see the nest a few feet in front of them, they were lost. Diamond was sitting right there... they were practically under her feet... and after she listened to them whine for about a half hour, she got up and walked into the nest. They followed. And everything is peaceful once again. By this afternoon, they'll be comfortable with the additional space and will even try picking up the pace a little... puppies learning to run is actually quite funny. The other dogs are lying around the pen, noses pressed to the wire, some of the smaller ones sticking their paws inside to touch puppies that get close enough. It will be a while before I let the two groups mingle freely although Diamond is no longer warning everyone away.
They'll be 4 weeks this evening! Picture time again!

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