Friday, November 20, 2009

Yeah, yeah yeah!

I know. I promised pictures. But things went haywire around here for a couple days and I simply haven't gotten around to it. I will do it this weekend. Owl is leaving tomorrow... I know! Bummer! But as sweet as he is, he's a little too rough on a couple of these little rescues and he can't live with Mina. So some Deerhound people are coming up from Florida to get him. They already have a Deerhound which will give him someone his own size to play with. Although, his best friend here is a little Poodle mix pup, about 10 months old, who weighs maybe 8 pounds. Owl picks her up by her head and carries her around. Scares me to death! Even if SHE doesn't seem to mind. I'll miss his sweet face but not his cold nose waking me up at 7 AM because he wants to go outside! If I don't get pictures of the pups later today, I will do them tomorrow after Owl leaves.

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