Tuesday, November 3, 2009

2 Weeks Old Tonight

And the birthday pictures are on the website. Stop groaning. I was determined to get shots of faces this time, and out of over 5 dozen snaps, managed to get just a couple that were usable, so they're on the site.

Emy Update
This is one of those bad news/bad news situations. Emy is simply not interested in being a mom right now. She'll let Shadow come and sit by her. He can clean her face and massage her shoulders. But that's it. He's interested in taking it to another level, but is the most gentlemanly stud dog I've ever had, so when she says "No!" he takes it for an answer. I thought/hoped she might be more receptive to another dog... namely Brogue... but as pushy as he is, she backed him right down. I'll keep trying... she could be just cycling very slowly or she could be taking a page out of her mom's book and skipping motherhood this time around.

IF I don't get Emy bred, I WILL breed Cotton, who has not come into season yet. She's due any day now... she's usually about 10-14 days behind Em.

Meanwhile, with the Coughing...

Most everyone has stopped, or at least slowed considerably. I've stopped the antibiotics except with Ravin, my somewhat elderly Lab. She seems to be having a time with it, although (like everyone else,) she's NOT sick. Some of the pups are also coughing, but they have NOT been on antibiotics and are getting the Robitussin only at bedtime (MY bedtime.) It breaks my heart to hear them... a couple of you have told me about your kids having the croup... but so long as no one has a runny nose and everyone is eating, I'm not going to medicate them. I figure (with fingers, toes and eyes crossed) that it will be all over and done with by this time next week. And some of the dogs have not coughed even once... no new cases since Saturday. Go figure!

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