Friday, October 30, 2009

Pups 10 Days Old - Pix

The 4 smaller ones above
and the 3 larger ones below

The only female is the large black pup.

Everyone doing well... shiny coats and fat bellies!
Different shots on the website, if you're interested.

Everyone is Coughing Nicely!

Well, almost everyone! A baker's dozen are on antibiotics and cough suppresants. No one is sick.

It occured to me that I hadn't said that most people are not aware their dogs have kennel cough until they start coughing... like, duh!... BUT dogs are contagious BEFORE they start coughing which is why it spreads so easily. Dogs at the dog park, on walks with their owners, even at the groomer (where mine got it) show no signs. Short of locking 'em up and throwin' away the key, I don't know how to keep 'em safe! As I said before, if I didn't have pups in the house, I would NOT treat with antibiotics

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