Thursday, October 22, 2009

Doing Well (and Big News)

Everybody is fine this morning. Di's a little owly with the other dogs in the room... they can only stand outside the pen and try to see in... there's a sheet over the "walls" to give Di some privacy... but she knows they're out there and would rather they went elsewhere. That attitude will last until the pups are about a week old and then she won't care if they look at them. She won't let them in with the pups for about 3 weeks and even then she's very selective about who is admitted. This litter is fairly quiet for newborns... I did get some sleep last night... but there is one big "red" who tends to get upset whenever he can't get a nipple the second he wants one. It doesn't bother his mom at all to hear him whine... can't say the same for "grandma!"

Big News
Emy is definitely in season. Shadow will be tickled... Brogue will be ticked!

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