Monday, October 12, 2009

A More Pregnant Diamond

Here's Ms Di at 54 days into the pregnancy. She's REALLY gotten a belly on her. Actually seems to get bigger overnight EVERY night. Just about a week left to go, give or take a day. She spends a lot of time lying flat on her side, rather than on her belly, and is starting to get "clingy" (wanting to be with me ALL the time.) Going to move her into the whelping pen (in my bedroom) in the next couple of days so she'll be comfortable with her surroundings when the pups arrive. She's always had her pups in my bedroom BUT this time there is the added distraction of Owl... HE may end up moving in with Brogue, Emy and Cotton!

Speaking of Owl...

My friends, from Georgia, Liza and Bill, came up yesterday for a visit and met Owl. Liza fell in love big time! Of course, HE was absolutely charming... he always is... and went out of his way to snuggle (!) against her AND Bill. Liza said she's not coming to visit any more because I'm always introducing her to new kinds of dogs and she wants one of everything. Poor lady, when I met her almost 20 years ago, she was happily breeding JUST Labrador Retrievers. She wanted a Shar-Pei and bought a female from one of my first litters away from the Pacific NW... which got her into showing and breeding Shar-Pei. (This is a pup she has available RIGHT now...)

And then I showed her Labradoodles which she now breeds (along with Goldendoodles) rather than purebred Labs. Over the years I've gotten her to pick up a Chihuahua or two, a few Shih-Tzu and of course, some Poodles for her 'Doodle program. On her own... and against my advice... she got some Bichon and has a litter or two of them every year. She likes them. For me, they're Jack Russells with hair! Don't think she'll get a Deerhound... but you never know... there's a breeder who lives about 15 miles from her!

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