Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good News ... Bad News

The good news is the pups are here! Seven of them.
The bad news is there is only one female and she is moving to NYC. I don't even get one! She was the last puppy born... at 1:30 AM this morning... and I had about given up hope there would be ANY girls at all this time. I had planned to keep a girl, but Marna has been waiting over a year and a half, so she gets her.

The pups are 4-5 blonds who are now "red" and 2-3 blacks. One is neither red nor black just yet which is why I've listed them the way I have. I think he'll be blond, but what the h do I know about anything? The girl is black with tan on her legs and a splash of white on her chest. The definite black boy is marked the same way.

All but one of them seems to be doing really well... one little guy is somewhat "puny" BUT he has a very shiny coat this morning and is nursing. We'll see.

Going to get a picture later today when Diamond makes a trip outside to potty... she's not interested right now.

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