Sunday, October 18, 2009

60 Days...

Getting close! Right now, she's in the chair with me, watching me type. She always likes being close Such a sweet girl she is! I hope to get another photo before the pups come... one with her "pointed" so you can see how the pups move around just before whelping... but sometimes, it happens very quickly!

Updates on other people's puppies
Chauncey and her family should be home from their vacation on the coast today, if they didn't come back early because of the weather. I'll give Russell a call tomorrow and see how things are going. AND will get out there some time this week for photos. Pups should have their eyes and ears open by now.
Penny has found homes for all her pups and they will be leaving in a couple weeks.
Liza has an older (5 months) Labradoodle female still for sale... lead trained, housebroken, good with kids and small dogs AND she has a new litter of Goldendoodle pups.
And Cathy hasn't sent me any news on her two big Labradoodle litters, but she still has some available and the baby pictures were beautiful!

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