Wednesday, October 7, 2009

An Emy/Shadow Puppy

This is Stoney who lives in Tennessee, actually not too far from here. He is from Emy and Shadow. The top picture was in August, the bottom in Sptember. His folks report that he is right around 35 pounds (at 9 months) so he should mature around 40 pounds. Which was my original guess when I did the breeding and which I upsized once the pups started growing up. Stoney is great with dogs his own size or smaller, but a little timid around larger dogs. He also had a problem with "car anxiety" which his folks helped him work through and now he's up for rides anywhere! Stoney was the only blond in the litter and has matured to an off-white... or french vanilla!

And another country heard from
An email I received today:
Wed, 7 Oct 2009 1:18 AM
From "Lundeen" ""
Subject Inquiry about Whoodles
How dare you take a fabulous dog as the Wheaten and make another breed out
of him..have you nothing better to do????

I never bother replying to this kind of stuff... usually the address given is fake. But I'll bet "" would be very surprised to see his/her email posted here as well as in the "testimonials" on my website! I have nothing better to do.

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