Wednesday, November 11, 2009

3 Weeks Old Group Pix

This is most likely the last time I'll be able to get them all together... and obviously they weren't all into having their sleep disturbed THIS time! The black/tan male has grown by leaps and bounds and is now in the middle of the pack while the black/tan female is just slightly bigger than he while one of the darkest is the same size. The 2 smallest guys are still the darkest and the 2 lightest guys are now the largest in the litter. Several of the pups have small amounts of white on their chests. ALL have their eyes and ears open and now notice me when I'm in the pen with them, touching or holding them. They are on their feet... still a little unsure but gaining confidence every hour! Looking for their mama, a couple have gotten out of the nest and promptly gotten lost when she's gone back IN the nest. Some time before their next week's birthday they'll discover the water bowl and then the big find... mama's food! They grow up so fast!

Just so you know... the black in the back row is the girl, her brother is in front. The 3 next to them are the darkest little guy with the 2 biggest pups in front and the 2 smallest boys are on the left.

Different shots... still conglomerations... are on the website and

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