Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weights at 4 weeks

This morning, to mark the 4 weeks birthday of Diamond and Emerald's litters, I weighed all 13 pups. Di's averaged at 2 pounds while Em's averaged 2.5. In Emy's litter, 3 pups (2 black males and the red female) are larger than any of Di's and one (the other black male) is the same weight as Diamond's largest (a female.) The smallest pup of the baker's dozen is also Emy's, a red male, and her other red guy is just slightly bigger than the smallest pup in Di's litter (the BLACK male!)

Now, there is a formula that works VERY well with large breeds and is fairly accurate with small breeds if you adjust it. It's just so-so with medium breeds.

The formula is a pup weighs 10% of its ideal adult weight for every 4 weeks of age.
That is a large breed puppy who weighs 5 pounds at 4 weeks will weigh around 50 pounds as an adult. (For small breeds, the pups weighs 20% of its adult weight for every 4 weeks or a small breed pup who is 2 pound at 8 weeks will weigh about 5 pounds full grown.)

I usually figure the Whoodles fall in between the two... 15% per 4 weeks. SO! Diamond's pups, on average, should be in the area of 30 pounds and Emy's 37.
Here's a little (another) disclaimer... the pups are weaning off moms. Most of them are somewhat hungry. SOME have found the food and are eating it, a couple on a regular basis. In another 4 weeks, they will have been eating as much as they want whenever they want and I believe weights taken at 8 weeks will be a better indication of adult size.

For those keeping track, the weights are:
Diamond's: black male - 1.81#, red male - 2.16,
red females - 2.25, 1.96, 1.90

Emerald's: black males - 3.0, 2.55, 2.25,
red males - 1.85 & 1.75, blond male - 2.12,
blond female - 2.0, red female - 2.55

One more thing: One of Emy's two year old sons from her previous Shadow litter came to see me this weekend. He is just under 40 pounds. And ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Off white in color and put together like all dogs should be built. Just a stunning fellow!

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