Thursday, November 11, 2010


These are the biggest pups from each litter. The red is from Di's, the black is from Em's and the blond is from Cotton's.
As is to be expected, the overall biggest puppies are in Emy's litter and some of them are huge (compared to the rest.) I am still impressed by the general size of Cotton's which are as big as Diamond's. In two of the litters... Di's and Cotton's... the current largest pups overall are female.

I think you can tell from some of the photos that eyes are opening. Yesterday, no one was focusing but today several pups appeared to be startled when something moved unexpectedly in their line of sight. AND noises seem to be bothering some of them today as well.

During picture taking yesterday, one of Cotton's boys objected the whole time with a very cute puppy growl. Okay, so maybe it was more of a grumble, but he didn't like going outside and didn't like my son handling him and was still rumbling when I put him back in the nest with his mom.

I started the photo session with Di's pups, leaving her foster son (from Emy) in the nest alone. Then I put the rest back and took him and the two red males from Em to be photographed, put all THREE of those pups in with Emy, took the black boys and finally, the girls. The blond boy stayed in Emy's nest while I was doing the rest of her pups. When I first put him down... right under her nose... she sniffed him all over and turned him on his back so she could inspect his belly. She didn't seem particularly delighted, intrigued or amused with him. However, a half hour or so later, when I was leaving the room with some of Cotton's pups, I glanced in Emy's pen and she had isolated her prodigal son from the rest of her pups! He was on one side of her and all his brothers and sisters were on the other and she was lying on her belly in between. So he went back to grandma... who took one sniff of him and seemed to say "Where the heck have you been!"

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