Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cotton's Weights at 4 Weeks

Here we go again. And the main thing I've learned in weighing this entire batch of pups is that I could use a new scales! Mine is 9-10 years old and like most things in the house (human included,) has not aged well!

Cotton's pups weigh between one at 1.95 pounds (a girl) and four at 2.20 pounds (a girl in this bunch also.) The average weight in the litter is about 2.10 or just a tad more than Diamond's. And, here's the test, class, what does this equate to (sort of) as ideal adult weight? (One possible answer will be at the end of this post.)

This is the group I think will show the greatest difference at 8 weeks and beyond. Nine of them being fed entirely by their mom would seem to mean they haven't been getting as much as they might like as five in the same situation would. They are as active AND as quiet as the others, so nobody is suffering. (A quiet pup is full... or into something. But they're too little for that.) Now that they've discovered a bowl of food readily at hand, 24/7, they're on their way to being dogs.

Breakdown is
Cotton's blond females:
1.75. 2.0, 2.2
Blond males:
1.96, 2.0, 2.1,
2.2, 2.2, 2.2

For a couple days, Cotton had this bunch under control. They all learned at the same time how to get out of the pool. Since they hadn't figured ut how to get back in, she traded places with them. However, they have watched and learned from their aunts and uncles living next door and now Cotton always has 4 in and 5 out or vice versa.

Here's why there aren't any new pictures

I am in the process of moving the pups out of the bedroom because they need more room and I'm not adding on to the house! This means, furniture in other rooms has to be moved (and removed) and adult dogs resituated so I can set up puppy pens. I can't just DO it because I live alone (and my son has just started work on a new club... he puts together nightclubs, everything from locale to name to licensing to equipment to advertising to... you get the picture... and can't help me) AND because dogs are very oriented to structure and situation, especially when there are a bunch of them. AND they are all fascinated with the pups. So this is taking several days. I hope to get time for a photo session over the weekend.

But I may sleep instead.

Answer to the question: Cotton's pups should weigh just slightly more than Diamond's, a little over 30 pounds.

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