Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another ADULT Emy/Shad Pup

This is Zoe, who lives in Pennsylvania. She is a litter sister to Stoney (from Emy and Shadow's first offering.)

Sharing her home is Murphy, previous known as Brother, who is her HALF-sibling. He is from Emy and SPARKY's last litter.

Murphy, doing his "stacked show dog" imitation

Speaking of dog shows
Did everyone watch the Thanksgiving Day Show after the parade? The Best in Show line up was terrific! I'm satisfied with the Irish Setter winning... he won the previous day as well (his first two Best in Shows)... and he's a really nice looking Irish. Perhaps it's that he is just a youngster (only 3) but his coat is not as exaggerated as many show Setters and he actually looks like a dog that could do what he was bred for (originally bred for!) BUT if I had been judging, BIS would have done to the Affenpinscher. What a gorgeous, saucy little dog! Or, if that was not an option, my second choice would have been the Scottish Deerhound. She is just yummy! The Boxer was a nice gal as well. I did not care for the Border Collie or the Schippeke and wasn't overly thrilled with the Am Staff. And David Frye wasn't as obnoxious as usual, so a fun time was had by all!

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