Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cold Nights and Blast ABC

Emy's pups have figured out how to get through the night even when Mom decides to take a potty break! (Of course, getting up to fill hot water bottles every 2 hours gets old after a few nights...!)

Zenyatta and the Breeders Cup

So, Zenyatta, the maybe best horse to ever live is running in her last race this Saturday, the Breeders Cup Classic, around 6:45 PM at Churhill Downs. And ABC is broadcasting three Breeders Cup races... all much earlier on the card and not nearly as important. Never mind that Zenyatta has won 19 of the 19 races she's run in, including last year's Classic, the fact that ABC is so... well, uninformed is about as nice as I can get... as to ignore the Classic, ANY Classic, just makes me want to not watch ANYTHING they air ever PERIOD. That means I have to give up Castle and Brothers and Sisters, but so be it. I'm trying to find a place to watch the race on ESPN and may have to drive to the OTB site in Virginia.

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