Friday, November 5, 2010

Changes Coming

First off, the pups are doing great! All but one are chubby, active babies who are starting to sleep through their mamas' disappearances when they leave the nests to take care of business. And moms are starting to stay outside, IN the yard, for longer periods of time (instead of rushing out the door, squatting, and then making a beeline back in.) One pup... a blond female from Emy's litter... is NOT doing well. She's very thin and cranky even though she nurses all the time. She is not growing at anywhere near the rate of everyone else and I have serious doubts that she is going to make it. This is not unusual especially considering the number in the litter and their overall size. Of Em and Shadow's nine, a male and female are about the size of Di's pups who are smaller in general. But the others are mostly hunks! And already a handful when I pick them up. Cotton's kids are pretty much the same size within the litter (minor variations,)about the size of Di and Brogue's, and all the same shade of pale blond. Most of them have crinkled coats, indicating they'll have more curl to their hair. We'll see!

Now, for the changes
I've been getting some comments about the website being slow to load and some of the photos not coming up. It IS a little photo heavy (and I don't see much sense in little pictures that you can't see anything in, which doesn't help matters any!) So I am going to develop a puppies page or pages... maybe one for each litter because once I start taking individual photos, things add up fast! Until picks are made, it will have a link off the main page as well as its own URL (so you can directly there and skip everything else... which you already know by heart anyway!) On the main page, I'll post just one photo from each litter with no parents' pix except in the "adults" section at the bottom of the page. It's going to take me a couple days to get this done, so bear with me.

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