Monday, June 7, 2010

Two New Milestones

Emy spent the entire night in another room! She fed the pups around 8 and then went to visit her relatives in the tv room. Everyone went out for a nighty-night potty break around 11 and instead of going back to the pups, Emy returned to the tv room. The puppies didn't even seem to notice she was missing.

Of course, early this morning SHE was ready to get back in the pen, but the pups were still perfectly content without her... until she got close enough for them to smell her, then they started making an unholy racket!

She fed them, cleaned a few bottoms... and went back to her mom and dad and older daughter... where she still is 6 hours later.

Guess the weaning process is full steam ahead!

And the second milestone iiissss
Paper "training"
These BABIES are starting to make all their more solid deposits in the same area. Note I said starting... there is still a pile here and one there, but generally they are going more to the back of their pen. They are a few days to a week early in recognizing that there is a place to put the stuff where it is out of their way, giving them more area to play in.

Moving right along!

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