Thursday, June 3, 2010

And Then There were Teeth

One day, all there is is gum and the next, there are teeth. And I'm not talking just little eruptions, I'm talking TEETH. The pups are now sometimes crying when another one is chewing on them. Guess why. The next thing will be the one being chewed ON biting back and one of the great lessons of a dog's life will be learned.

Because Emy now wants to be with the pups just to clean up and feed them... probably in that order... she is spending much of her time out of the puppy pen. Right now, she's in the tv room with me and her mom, daughter and Brogue (and Keogh.) She's happy... until I leave the room, then she wants to go back to the bedroom.

The 7 days between the start and end of week 5... which began yesterday... is probably the worse time for the pups AND ME. They're eating dog food with no problem and Em nurses them for a couple minutes every 3-4 hours BUT the transition is really tough on them. They're still little babies mentally and want that nursing but the milk is weak and not very satisfying so they have to eat "real" food. But it makes them crabby and whiny. They get over it pretty fast, thank goodness!

Saturday's Belmont

Last of the Triple Crown races and not very exciting this year. Neither the Derby winner, Super Saver, nor the Preakness winner, Looking at Lucky, are running. Favorites (mine and everyone else's apparently) are Ice Box, who hasn't run in 5 weeks, and First Dude. Going to be a sloppy track. My money would be on Ice Box (if I did any betting.)

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