Monday, June 14, 2010


With the second round pick of the male dog draft, Rob takes Eastwood,
a Whoodle out of Tennessee.

Which leaves Marco and Hungry Jack.

Stay tuned!

Picking is Done! New Names
Many of you have picked up on the different names the pups are getting:
Molasses is now Beckett and Dora is Remy. BOTH of them will be moving to Salt Lake city.
Lolly is Lulu and will be making her home in Boulder.
Brother has always been Brother because he was first picked and the family already has a Whoodle... a half-sister to him. He's going to be in Pennsylvania.
Marco is going to Illinois and will tell his new folks his real name after he gets there.
Eastwood is waiting for Rob in California to make up his mind as is Hungry Jack who is going to become part of the country music scene in Nashville... only HE's waiting for Caren to figure out who he is.

Ms Emerald sends congrats to everyone and wants you to know, she's DONE. Actually, she hasn't even been in to visit the pups for the last several days. They are not missing her. HOWEVER, when they start going outside (if the weather ever gets nice,) I'll use her to help me get them there the first few times... they'll still follow her anywhere. Once they realize the milk machine is turned off, they'll be ready to romp and play with her and she'll teach them a few things about being dogs. She'll also show me which one(s) SHE likes best... and she WILL have at least one favorite.

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