Friday, June 25, 2010

Comes the Dawning

So here's what I figured out today... these are strange puppies! They want food in their bowl even when they're not hungry. The pups have always been a little noisy in the morning... say, around 7-8 AM. Everyone else is generally content to sleep at that hour... well, they were until it got to be so hot by 10 o'clock that they weren't all getting enough time in the yard to suit them. But the pups would be awake and making a lot of noise. Since they're in my bedroom, I notice. I get up, go to the kitchen via the bathroom and fill up a dipper of puppy food which I take back and pour into the pups' bowl. The big dogs usually don't even look up. The pups will go sniff the bowl, MAYBE take a bite or two and then go back to sleep. It's not like they ran out of food some time before lights out the night before and are starving. It's not like they wolf down the food or even eat a measurable amount. They simply want food available IN CASE. So be warned... when I tell you the pups are used to free feeding which means having food and water available 24/7, I'm not kidding. And neither are they.

Last night, they slept out of the pen again. This is just the second time and I really meant to lock them up before lights out.However, I fell asleep before Family Feud even started at midnight... the heat is not my friend, air conditioning on or off... and when I woke up again, around 2, the pups were scattered all over the room sound asleep. You've heard the phrase, let sleeping dogs lie? It's good advice. Especially as there were several FULL bowls of adult food (which the babies like.)

Unfortunately, I woke up a little after 7.

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