Sunday, June 20, 2010

Out All Night

For the first time, I didn't put the Magnificent 8 back in their pen last night. They made themselves comfortable in various spots around the bedroom... under the bed, curled up against a big dog, flat out on the floor in the middle of the room... meaning I had to step over them every time I got up (which is always quite often.) For the most part, they went back to their newspapers in the pen to go potty... not bad for pups under 8 weeks!... and they were generally pretty quiet and well behaved. It always amazes me, litter after litter, when puppies start taking their cue from my adult dogs and tuck themselves into bed as soon as the light go out. The tv HAS to be off or my adults figure I'm still awake, but when the house is quiet, it is QUIET. This morning I cleaned the pen, put down new newspaper and called "Puppy, puppy" and 4 of them walked themselves right in. The other 4 came up as soon as I closed the pen off and they saw there were pups on the other side of the wire. A very strong pack instinct! In a week or two, when I start putting pups back in the pen, everyone I haven't captured already will make a beeline for elsewhere!

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