Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pictures, Day 3

First, a complaint. How come no one let me know I had posted the same photo two days in a row? Considering my age, you'd think people would be watching out for me!

So, here's the picture that was supposed to be posted yesterday...
Tucker and Seamus
Tucker (the blond) is from Cotton and Brogue
while Seamus is from Emy and Boon

From Maggie and Cisco
Millie and her pal, Porter
Millie is still the smallest in that litter, around 25 pounds.

A heads up
In less than a week, two different people have let me know their dogs are being treated for giardia... one on the East Coast and one out West. Considering the extremely warm winter we've just had, environmental viruses and bacteria are going to be bad this year, as are fleas and ticks. This means we're going to have to be more vigilant. If your dog shows any signs of illness or distress for more than a day, a trip to the vet is called for. Better safe than sorry.

Emy and Peri updates
Em is getting really big... with almost 3 weeks to go. Poor girl!
Peri is showing some minor pregnancy signs... or maybe she's just in one of those moods girls go through. We'll know in 2 weeks.

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