Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Little MS Peri had her ultrasound and, drum roll, is pregnant.
Her reservation list is open.
So far, everyone who has been waiting for her list wants a female so I think by tomorrow, spots will be available for MALES only.

When I checked in at the vet, they ask what she needed an ultrasound for. Usually, if it is for pregnancy, it is apparent, if not obvious, to the experienced eye. Peri is still small and has no belly. I said it was for pregnancy but I didn't think she was. The girls all agreed with me. As did the tech who came up to get her. Nobody in the back, including the vet, thought she was pregnant. The ultrasound proved us all wrong. HAPPILY wrong. The report was "a FEW pups in there" as in QUITE a few. They are on the small side, so they are either going to BE small or she didn't get pregnant on either day she was bred. We'll see in a little over a month.

One scary thing happened when I was turning her over to the tech. I took her collar/lead off and the tech was putting theirs on when Peri pulled away from both of us and headed for the door. A family was coming in, dad and kids already inside, mom coming through the door. The tech and I both yelled and the dumb woman saw the dog coming toward her and backed up, holding the door open! Luckily, the tech was hot on Peri's tail and lassoed her. I've had several nightmares about it, especially after her being missing for two weeks last September. I am just not prepared to go through that agony again. Ever.

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