Friday, April 27, 2012

Big Step... and It's Early

Ms Emy is feeling secure enough that she is already napping outside the nest! And the pups are not complaining about it... well, they stop complaining quickly after she gets up and leaves them all alone by themselves. They complain just as loudly when she comes back and wakes them up! In general, they are so quiet that the other dogs seem to forget they are there. If a pup squeals during the night, EVERYONE in the bedroom wakes up barking. The minor murmuring and whimpering does not seem to bother them... I think I hear it more than the dogs do.

Prayer and good thoughts requests
Please continue to remember Chomper, lost in Pennsylvania.
And, if you will, add Jay and Laura to the list because of a serious illness in the family.

A week until the Derby
There are a couple colts I'm interested in, but I'm waiting until post positions are picked next week. Twenty
3 years old horses making a mad dash for the rail does not bode well for the colts on the inside. So many things can go so terribly wrong in the first couple seconds, I'm surprised there isn't a greater outcry to limit the field. Especially as none of this year's contenders seem to be particularly outstanding. So far, they've all been pretty equal. Perhaps it's time for Thoroughbred breeders to take a long look at what they produce... or do NOT produce... year after year.

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