Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Letters, I Get Letters!

My normal... as in "no puppies available"... email usually amounts to about a half dozen a day, give or take depending on the day of the week. When I have unspoken for puppies or a litter on the way, that doubles or triples or quadruples. Usually, if I don't hear back from an inquirer within a week to 10 days, I delete the emails from/to. Over the last 2 months, for some reason, I went back and forth several times with a number of different people and then they seemed to move to the moon. I figured they had found something else and deleted all that correspondence. And THEN, weeks later, they came back. Now here's the thing, as long as my "trash file" hasn't gotten too large, those deleted emails will still be there, BUT it means looking through hundreds of missives to locate them. Which does not put me in the best of moods! I know most people don't think there is a lot of work involved with breeding and selling puppies. Heck, every weekend, you can pick them up for free outside Walmart. And you can find any number of breeders on the internet who don't put a lot of time into answering questions, screening prospective homes, making as sure as possible that things will work out well for everyone involved. I've never been one of those breeders. But today I decided enough was enough... I PERAMNENTLY deleted over 300 emails from my inbox AND the trash file. It's gone. Bye bye. Soooo, anybody who wrote more than a week ago is gone. Bye-bye. Starting over from the beginning is still an option. I won't remember who inquired before anyway!

Talk about long odds
One of this weekend's Derby prep races, the Louisiana Derby, had an unexpected winner. Hero of Order went off at 109-1. That means he paid over $200 for a $2 bet. Not bad for an afternoon at the track! Oh, he is not nominated for the Kentucky Derby and his people say they're not interested.

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