Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Peace and Quiet

Thirty-six hours old! Emy with 5 of the girls. There is nothing like a litter of newborn pups that is sound asleep and stays that way for a couple hours!

What I've noticed about Emy... she is comfortable with me dividing the litter, leaving half with her and taking half away. Her internal clock lets her know when it's time to switch. She gets antsy, moves around a lot, disturbing the pups nestled against her which makes them cry which lets me know (or wakes me up) it is time for the ones with me to eat.

What I've noticed about the pups... they are perfectly comfortable with me dividing the litter. The ones with Emy nurse, get their bottoms cleaned, fall asleep and then repeat until I switch them. THEN as soon as I put them in the drawer, they crawl to the end closest to my bed and fall into a deep sleep before I even get the cover pulled over them. And they stay that way until I wake them up to make the exchange. The interesting thing is, they don't fall asleep where I put them, but always move to the other side of the dresser. The ones with their mom are always noisier than the ones with me.

What a difference a week makes! Peri LOOKS pregnant. Her ribs have sprung, she has a real belly, her breasts are enlarged and her nipples swollen. Last week, when I would pick her up, she felt empty. Not any more! And her attitude toward the other dogs is changing... Crockett (the Crested) has always been her best bud. She is suddenly not interested in romping with him 23 hours a day and when she is lying down, she wants him to LEAVE HER ALONE!

Her reservation list is closed.

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