Sunday, March 18, 2012


So Sparky and Peri are doing their thing. They've done it twice. But that's all they've done it since Wednesday. Once Tuesday and once Wednesday. And even though they've been together twice a day every day since... and have been penned together 24hours a day since Friday night... that's it.

Now, it only takes once. If the timing is right. And that's the key. Without doing expensive progesterone testing, timing is hard to figure out which is why I usually let the dogs get together as long as they WANT to get together. Emy and Boon took advantage of the situation 8 days in a row, and when the attraction was over, it was over. On the other hand, Diamond and Boon did the same thing and the results were... zilch.

So, as usual, everything is out of my control. It's a waiting game.

Em's ultrasound is in another week and Peri's in a month. Fingers crossed!

Feeling his oats!

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