Friday, March 2, 2012

Here We Go Again!

Rain. More rain. HEAVY rain. It's getting pretty tiresome. I would say boring, but the wild stuff we had Wednesday night was kinda interesting. And a rematch is scheduled for tonight. However, it started around noon today with the weather service issuing tornado warnings and watches in my "local viewing area," which is quite large and includes counties in Kentucky, Virginia and North Carolina... none probably mumore than an hour's drive. And because of the hills around me, storms have a way of bouncing all over the place. My son lives 3-4 miles from me and has completely different weather than I do 99% of the time. Schools have closed early. I'm staying away from local tv to avoid weather reporting interruptions, scrolls and news flashes. Nothing I can do about it anyway. And I'm certainly not going to head for cover and leave the dogs to fend for themselves, so I might as well be surprised!

Peri's haircut
What a difference in the way she looks... and I don't mean that in a good way! I always have the dogs clipped all the way down... I leave long hair on their ears and the tip half of their tails. The rest is done in a burr, including faces. It usually takes at least a month for them to stop looking skinned. When they brought me Peri yesterday, she looked so much like her big sister, Emy, does when first clipped, I was glad Em was "groomed" 6 weeks ago! I would still be able to tell them apart, standing side by side both newly clipped, because Peri is about half Emy's size but they are like clones. This was Peri's first ever trip for clipping and she's still not happy about it. Boon is there today. Picture(s) coming once the yard dries out a bit.

Post removed
A couple days ago I posted some photos of pups from 2009. Something strange started happening... first, after a day or so, part of the post just disappeared. Then, when I tried to edit, a different section vanished. So I deleted the whole thing and will attempt a reposting once I download the photos again from my email.

Website updates
If you haven't been on the website recently, I just added a Diamond/Boon rematch I'm planning for when she comes back in season in about 4-5 months. And Penny is going to breed Maggie and Cisco again, not this heat but the next, toward the end of the summer/beginning of fall. We're going to do it the same way as last year... pups will be with her until weaned and then come to me. We both got a lot out of the last litter since the timing played to our individual strong suits.

Thought this was funny...
But people always say I have a strange sense of humor!

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