Monday, March 19, 2012

Chomper, Still Lost in PA

got this from his owner this morning;

ON March 2 I headed to Hughesville for one last look for Chomper...I called for hours....the next day he was spotted!

I headed back up there this Saturday and with the help of a local woman we found a lady who has been feeding him for the last 2 months....she lives on 40 acres and discovered him one day while walking...after that she has dropped food off where she and he met.....they do not talk though and the feeding station is about a half mile from her house....i went there and dropped off a towel that smells like me....someone did try to put a trap out last week (I just found this out) but it was not camouflaged and Chomper hates cages and did not show up for a week to soon as the cage was taken away he came back and left 3 bones (UGH) where she feeds him....we have set up a camera to try to find out what time he comes to feed and if he sleeps there....we have contacted everyone again in the area that he has been seen and where he has been the last two months.....he is very skittish and they are going to try a trap again but this time camouflage it and set it a little further away from his food.....and not feed him for a few days and see if he will go after the bate in the cage....he has been seen a total of 6 times since March 2...I hope we can get him...we are so close and I don't want him to get hit by a car....

Please pray!


Everyone, please add your prayers and positive thoughts. It will be so wonderful when Chomper is back home!

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