Friday, March 2, 2012

Everything OK Here

The worse thing I had to deal with during the last 5 hours (6 PM to 11 PM) was the local weather guys prempting prime time tv. NBC and CBS (local) broadcast weather maps and updates CONTINUOUSLY... except for regularly scheduled commercials.
Which means I missed Grimm. A poster on the Brokeback forum told me the story line was about some... creatures... eating babies. And apparently, they were NOT airline passengers. I'll have to wait for a repeat to see it. Here's the deal: I didn't even have RAIN. Or wind. In fact, everything was calm. Until I let the first group of dogs out at 11. At 11:05 the rains came! A very heavy downpour which seems to be easing up 50 minutes later. Anyway, that's my gripe for March 2nd. I hope all of you faired as well.

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