Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nice and Quiet Today

This is Greg Cook who found his dog, Coco, alive and well in what remained of his home after a tornado.
The picture is all over the internet, so you've probably all seen it already but it is heartening to look at.

Something last night that warmed MY heart: one of the weather guys was talking to a shelter director in a near by town and asked if people could bring their animals with them to the shelter. The reply was an offhand "Certainly." How great is that?! So many places won't let animals in.

I still think about the lady who called me about Cotton and Peri from the church where she worked and said they were going from door to door trying to get inside. She didn't let them in. Every time I think of that, I wonder what God would have to say.

The dogs... the boys... are hinting to me that Peri is starting to cycle....

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