Saturday, February 12, 2011

When will I Learn

Montana and her best bud, Tug (a mini Goldendoodle about the same age as she.) The pups live in the same building and have play dates... where they run through the halls, scaring the living devil out of little old ladies. Montana, for those who don't know, is from Diamond and Brogue and at 16 months weighs 26 pounds (one of the smallest pups from that combination.)

Now for the learning part
Recently my vet's office referred a lady to me who had some Whoodle pups about the same age as mine. Due to a death in the family, the pups have not been placed although they have been well cared for. I've been trying to help with setting up a website and advertising and advice on things like contracts (which they never did before.) Now there are further complications in that the company the lady works for is reducing its work force and she is going to be laid off before the end of the month (after almost 2 dozen years.) When it rains, it pours. In her case, misfortune. In mine, puppies. She is going to relocate to the east coast to live with an adult daughter. And I'm going to take in the pups who haven't been sold by then. She is asking just $500, with no contract or warranty. We're microchipping them this weekend and they've had all their shots. I'll keep them at the same price but will "guarantee" them to their first birthday. (The parents are "middle aged" and healthy which is about all I know about them.) Luckily, most of my kids have homes and right now I'm used to being over worked. ANYWAY, if anyone knows someone looking for a bargain basement Whoodle, for the next week or so they can email Jennifer at After that, they'll have to email me and say they are specifically interested in her puppies. (In case you didn't know, "S'wheaten-poo" is another name for the Wheaten/Poodle cross.) Oh, and just to make things interesting, all 4 remaining pups are... wait for it... MALE.

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