Friday, February 18, 2011


So, the pups quickly got used to going outside every 2-3 or 4 hours... it took all of one day and they think they've got me trained to their schedule. They use the newspaper in between times and at night and don't yet have a working relationship with the "put all this stuff outside" concept, but they like it out there. This evening I let in the last group of adults and noticed that it had begun to rain. The pups and I eyeballed each other while I debated letting them go out. They won. Or so they thought. I opened the pen. I open the front door. They went running out. They slid to a halt on the wet surface. I shut the door. Then I went about filling up all the food and water bowls from one end of the house to the other and picking up the used paper in the big puppy pen. And then I heard it... an absolute down pour. Followed very shortly by the sound of unhappy puppies. A LOT of unhappy puppies. Now the debate became let soaking wet pups in BEFORE putting down fresh newspaper. Or put down the paper before letting in the pups. How much wetter could they get in those few minutes? I'll tell you... they got a lot more unhappy in that time and when I opened the door, they came busting through in one tsunami tidal wave, washing straight into their pen. They did not pass "go," they did not collect $100, they did not stop until they were clumped in the very back of the corner and then, en masse, they whirled around and glared at me. Of course, all the fresh newspaper was soaked through to the floor. And I hate to tell you how fast 6 drenched long haired pups can
smell up a whole house. But I thought it was fun. They need to get a sense of humor.

The New Guys
Good thing I got everyone microchipped last weekend. I'd never be able to distinguish one from all the rest if I hadn't. Right now, the two groups are separated, but in a couple days I'll let them go outside together to work out the kinks and then put them all in one pen. The new pups are very quiet... still in shock... which won't last long. They have each other for moral support and after only 24 hours, are already showing interest in their new neighbors. Jennifer forwarded all the mail she'd gotten... a TON... and said she would email everyone to tell them how to get in touch with me. A couple people did so right away. Of course everyone wants pictures and when (and if) I ever get the time, I'll oblige. As hard as it is getting decent shots when pups are little, it's a hundred times worse at this age when everything is much more interesting and worth looking at than the person with the camera. Guess I could drug them into sitting still.... (That's a joke, folks.)

Snow Dog

9 months old Beckett in Salt Lake.
According to his main man, Beckett loves snow more than anything else in his world. Tony is convinced the pup is part Malamute.

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